Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Spring Edition: Nails

Hi everyone, since we are slowly but surely coming into Spring (who am I kidding, it's only February), I've decided to post a Spring Edition series which will feature Spring themed makeup and nails amongst other things.

The Spring fashion/beauty colour palette is usually a nude or pastel based one which I really do love. In my opinion nude and pastel nails, clothes and accessories teamed with fresh faced looking makeup looks really beautiful and youthful during the Spring months. White nails and milky nudes have been a huge trend during London Fashion Week and I think they're also gonna be a huge hit for the upcoming Spring months. Below are some of my personal favourite Spring nail colours and a bit about them.

My favourite six nail polishes for Spring- From left to right: Nails Inc. shade in 'Warwick Avenue', Nails Inc. shade in 'Bloomsbury Way', Models Own shade in 'Utopia', Models Own shade in 'Blueberry Muffin', Essie shade in 'Go Ginza' (photographed in the second photo), Essie shade in 'Mint Candy Apple', and Topshop shade in 'Venus Flytrap'.

On the left are the two Nails Inc. polishes, with Warwick Avenue being the pinker of the two. These polishes glide onto the nails seamlessly and you really only need one coat with them. They retail for £11 each but are really worth the price in my opinion. I have an obscene number of Nails Inc. polishes so will maybe do a blog post on them in the future.

Next we have two Models Own shades. For £5 each you can't really go wrong- these polishes are opaque with two coats and last for days without chipping! I'm surprised I don't have more shades by Models Own.

Essie is probably my favourite nail polish brand of all time. The colours and collections are always so on point and everytime I go to an Essie stand my wish list grows by a mile. At £8 a bottle the price isn't cheap but by no means is it as at expensive as a high end polish. You could probably wear an Essie polish for 5 days without it chipping- yes they're that good (yay for Essie!)

Above is the Topshop shade in Venus Flytrap, it's a bright green but it's not too bold as it is quite a pastel green... if that makes any sense. This makes your hands look really lively and for £5 I think the formula of Topshop polishes are really quite good.

To top it all off, a good base and top coat are what it's ALL about when it comes to nail polish and how long it's gonna last. Trust me people- these two bottles will change your life. Retailing at £8.99 each, Essies 'all in one base coat' is perfect for giving you a smooth base to your nails, pop your favourite shade on, wait 5 minutes (or half an hour if you're like me and constantly smudge your nails) and then finish it off with Essie's 'no chips ahead' topcoat which seals it all in.  And there you have it, voilà!

Hope everyone has had a good day, I'm on a roll with these blog posts!



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