Friday, 2 May 2014

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Hi everyone

So.. Sorry that I've been missing for around 2 months. I've been really busy with coursework and I got a new job so I've been working non-stop. But I'm back now and definitely going to be blogging more!

I've lost inspiration to be honest and can't think of what to post about! I'm going to do a few make-up reviews soon along with a haul post so look out for that.

Today I thought I'd talk about things I'm loving right now, so let's get started...

The first thing I'm loving is the brand Revlon. Literally, anything Revlon. My whole makeup bag is full of Revlon right now and it's not about to change anytime soon. Ever since Emma Stone (major girl crush) became the face of the brand I've been drawn to it and I've picked up a fair stash of their make-up in Boots 3for2 deals. I might do a review on some of these products but for now I'll just show you a preview of all Revlon things I'm loving.

The second thing I'm loving is Motel Rocks. Every time I go on that site my wishlist grows and grows and I reckon that if I could only shop on one website for the rest of my life it would be Motel Rocks. Big claim to make! Their clothes fit lovely and right now I'm loving the star and moon print that they have incorporated into various items. I'm about to place a huge order with them so will be sure to show you everything when it arrives!

My favourite item from Motel at the moment is this dress. Available from

Thirdly, I am in love with loving Dane Dehaan. For those of you who don't know him (shame on you), he is an American actor and has been in the likes of Lawless, the Place beyond the Pines, and more recently the new Spider-Man, which was amazing!! My little brother has definitely passed his Spider-Man obsession onto me and Dane Dehaan who plays Harry Osborn/the Green Goblin in the movie is such a good character. Dane also models for Prada... If that hasn't sealed the deal for you girls then I dunno what will. I'm pretty sure he is gonna get really famous this year and quite frankly I can't wait. I will post some photos of him below for you (or just me) to all swoon over.

I told you... He's attractive

What a beauty

Lastly, I have been loving make-up storage. Since my make-up collection is slightly ridiculous I find that some things I buy disappear into drawers for months and I never get to use them. So a few months ago I decided to buy some acrylic storage to put on top of my make-up unit which means that my stuff is organised and I can use everything I own. I have two for my lipsticks, one for my everyday make-up and another which I keep some jewellery and random things in. Here are some photos below:

This one is from WH Smith

The lipstick holder is from Ebay (search lipstick holder) and the make-up drawer is from John Lewis

So that's everything I've been loving right now. I'm going to work on some more posts this week and I'll get them up ASAP! Me and my sister got tickets to Radio 1's Big Weekend and we can't wait!! I might force her into doing an OOTD with me as it will hopefully be a great day.

Hope everyone is well


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