Thursday, 8 May 2014

Topshop Lipsticks: A Review

Hi everyone

I don't see many reviews on Topshop makeup and since I've bought a fair few of their lipsticks and blushers recently I thought I'd do a review on some of them, starting with the lipsticks. First of all, I really like the lipstick packaging! It's unlike any other lipstick packaging I've seen on the high street and I think they look quite chic (my new favourite word).

They have great pigmentation and are opaque with two swipes, but these lipsticks give off a glossy finish. Cool huh. I'd say they were a hybrid between a MAC cremesheen and satin formulas- what a perfect combination. Because of their slightly glossy finish, you need to re-apply these every hour or so. So maybe not the best lipstick for a night out unless you're the kind of girl who visits the bathroom every 10 minutes for a 'make-up check'. These lipsticks are priced at £8 each which is slightly pricier than the high street but cheaper than a high end lipstick. I would definitely say these are worth the money. Below I have swatched some of my favourites for you. Enjoy.

In order from left to right: SaintPillow TalkWhimsicalDitsy, and The Damned.

Above and below: Saint, Pillow Talk and Whimsical swatches with and without the flashes

Above and below: Ditsy and The Damned swatches with and without the flashes

To conclude this review, I would definitely recommend these lipsticks. It's so easy to just pick one or two up every time you are in Topshop and for £8 each I can definitely see me collecting most of these lipsticks. I am officially a Topshop lipstick convert. Topshop.. You never fail to disappoint me.

Hope everyone is well


(p.s I definitely did not steal the 'xoxo' from Gossip Girl..)

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